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Dual fuel / Tri fuel carburetor conversion for small engines

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(natural gas or propane generator conversion, mini bike, go kart carburetor)

Dual Fuel and tri-fuel conversion steps for Carburetor Installation (PROPANE or natural gas and gasoline tri-fuel carburetor) for generator, mini bike, and go kart. This video will show you how to convert a generator or other small engine for a tri fuel or dual fuel carb. In the video information is given for a couple types of engines either dual fuel generators or propane for fun.

Dual fuel conversion and tri-fuel conversion for generators or small engine carburetors

Great alternative to gasoline if you know how to safely use it! A propane or natural gas engine conversion can be done very quickly, or really any engine so long as you check there are no leaks or issues where the gas can get out with issue.

How do you convert a generator to dual fuel or tri fuel with carburetor?
1) Get a regulator first and foremost.
2) Get a carburetor.
3) Watch the video for more insight and tips/tricks, but review your engine needs carefully and thoughtfully before beginning.
4) check safety specs on your dual fuel or tri-fuel carburetor from manufacturer specifications. You will want to make sure there are no loose hoses that can get caught up on anything and the proper materials are used. Once you know how to approach, make sure you install taking your time. You don’t want a propane tank dragging around on the ground or in a volatile place!

Careful of valve float and be sure you know what it means! I have a powerhouse generator that can easily be converter to one similar to the champion 3400 dual fuel without more than $50 or less of parts. Pretty nice being able to do that swap to propane easily with a little “how to”! In this video I convert 2 predator engines, and show details on a generator conversion as well. Hopefully it can point you on the right path for your predator generator conversion, champion dual fuel generator or other small engine carburetor conversion needs!