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Propane Go Kart – faster than gasoline!

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Propane go kart is FASTER THAN GAS!

Propane go kart top speed increase on a non hemi Predator 212 cc engine!

To really take advantage of this engine it would need safety mods on the flywheel, springs, and rod. Then, up the compression and take advantage of the use of propane efficiency on this dual fuel carburetor!

I have a second video on HP results for a hemi predator engine, this current engine is the predator non-hemi. The Hemi engine seemed to like the propane a little better. I would guess if I swapped engines on the go kart I would get more from the propane on it then. I will be putting propane on a minibike build soon on a Briggs 5 hp engine I have built up just for this!