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Homemade Kids electric go kart build

$200 kids electric GO KART!

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I picked up this electric kids go kart for a couple hundred for the parts for a new electric barstool racer build I have coming up on the channel and was really impressed even more so when I saw the go kart differential!

Homemade Kids electric go kart build

A homemade kids go kart, electric, with forward and reverse, tandem seats, safety switches all over was neat to play with. I think any child or children would love having this go kart build just for them!

Sadly though, I have taken it apart and will be using it for up and coming go kart videos for more ‘adult’ related electric go kart type builds 😉

Also, yup, there’s my face! The helmet is off! I am fully committed now to the channel! My face is on the internet and it’ll never be the same again. It all started with a kids electric go kart.