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Custom mini bike build

Custom mini bike BUILD (homemade)

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Custom mini bike build that’s homemade.

Custom mini bike build (homemade)

This is one of my custom mini bike builds from the how to make a mini bike build series where you see basics on how to make a frame jig for a homemade mini bike. Full diy how to instructions on how to build from scratch with me going fast!

This is one of many bikes you can build with this frame. The YouTube videos for step by step for making mini bikes are in my video feed. I organized the downloads for some part diagrams here with the videos in order:

You can use the videos above to see how basic to advanced designs are put together. How to make a kickstand, how to make a four bearing support, how to make adjustable foot pegs, axle tabs with chain adjuster capability built in and so much more, including exact dimensions!

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