Mini bikes, go karts, atvs, UTVs, small engine builds and more!

Our group is passionate about motorcycles and looking to do good in our community.

Oh I totally stole this quote from the template HAHAHAHA
– Love, Dirk

Where We Ride: Womp womp, chicka chicka WOMP WOMP WOMP!

Ride or Die: No. No dying, not on my watch! Golly gee, I’ve been in and out of hospitals for the past many years. LIVE to RIDE! Mini bikes, go karts, motorcycles, ATVs, sharing experiences, helping others that’s what it’s all about yo! Check out the YT channel for more, UTV, sidecar, engine builds, I even have a home made Dyno instructional, and I hydrodipped large things such as an entire mini bike with spray paint hydrodipping and an entire go kart AND I explain how it’s done with tricky spray painting materials! Shoot I even give away a drift trike in one of my videos! Check it OUT!

Mario Kart In Real Life