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manual clutch for mini bike or drift go kart builds

Drift GO KART and MINI BIKE Manual Clutch

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A mini bike manual clutch or a drift go kart manual clutch as an accessory for you mods list can leave your tires spinning and you yelling yee yee, or maybe just a good ol’ fashion yee-haw as you send it full send! And yes, link below shows where to buy as well as seen in video!

manual clutch for mini bike and go kart builds

This is more a assembly diy manual clutch for go kart, but you buy the parts. Where can these manual clutch be found for sale is 3D motorsports –

This video will pair off on go kart clutch vs torque converter for a few builds with the 3d motorsports clutch. The video will also show you a custom drag racing mini bike I built that is using a manual clutch.

Whether for your custom mini bikes with you mini bike mods list and mini bike parts or for your drift kart. Check out these manual clutches!

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