This one homemade mini bike frame how to build instructional will set you up for MANY different builds. All three bikes below, off road, street, race, big block, are variations using this same frame model! (*scroll down to see more examples, how to videos, and free part diagram downloads*)

Custom homemade mini bikes!

In this build series, I cover a lot of parts that can be used to make a homemade mini bike. However, the plans, although give step by step instructions for a specific frame, are made to detail each of the individual PARTS in a WIDE variety of mini bikes!

Custom mini bike frame plans! Make this frame or another with these tips!

From street racing mini bikes, to (possibly) street legal mini bikes, to BIG BLOCK major thumper mini bikes, there are many of these stages that can be adapted for MANY different builds.

Part 1: steps to make a frame jig, cheap wooden or metal. This will help keep your parts aligned.

How to make a frame jig – cheap build plans
homemade mini bike
homemade mini bike – the APE example, chain and blinkers not pictured

Part 2: Basics on a frame – how to roll a wide back and how to bend a seem-less frame.

How to make a mini bike – frame plans for a seem-less frame!
homemade mini bike
homemade mini bike – Venom example, chain and brake cable not pictured (larger chain guard recommended

Part 3: Mini bike accessories, options, and metal plates to weld onto frame. How to set engine risers, or engine plate, gussets, neck support, and axle tabs!

How to make a mini bike – accessories and metal frame build plan

Part 4: Frame final – and showing accessories and custom mini bike build options! This part show how to make a kick stand, how to make adjustable foot pegs, and goes over some accessories and where to get easily!

Part 4 – building a custom mini bike, the accessories and option. Wrap up the frame itself!

Still working on this railroad – hope you’re having a great day!

All .DXF file download as .ZIP

All .PDF file download as .ZIP

Part templates included in files:
Engine plate
Axle tabs
Brake hangers
Small wheel brake hanger adapter
Jackshaft tabs
4 bearing support
Neck support small neck
Neck support large neck
Gusset (can be used on top and bottom sides)
Kickstand hanger
Kickstand foot and U bracket (same for both)
Foot peg bracket

Seat ideas not yet uploaded:
Seat 1: bobber
Seat 2: basic
Seat 3: pit bike/Honda seat

The part of the seats that needs to be looked over is that weight distribution and structural support needs to be put into place. The bobber seat, the dirt bike seat, the “basic” seat, in the video you are not seeing ALL structural supports yet (videos 1-4) to put in place. These will be seen in upcoming videos as I get the bikes painted/powder coated and fully assembled. The seats were put there to start to show ideas. I have put a LOT of weight on them in testing, but as noted in the final video I am going to be adding more support and bridges under the seats for structure.

The homemade front forks I have files for may not make it into this build series. The front forks are pretty simple for anyone to figure out and this page is going to be HUGE with resources. Don’t want it too daunting.