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Cheap DIY homemade electric mini bike build

cheap DIY ELECTRIC Mini Bike

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Cheap DIY electric mini bike using something easier to get than an alternator. I got some free batteries and a free electric lawn mower so I put together this quick electric mini bike build with a little home built electric mini bike conversion kit I whipped up. I had to buy a PWM controller that had hall sensor input, some wires and connectors but it was pretty great! The overall price was pretty low for a quick electric mini bike DIY conversion!

Cheap DIY homemade electric mini bike build

The electric motor, for free, I had no complaints about top speed runs. Not only the mini bike had forward but it had reverse! It was the quietest mini bike I own! Stealth mode mini bike cruising at night!

This homemade electric mini bike build was a fun one to get out there on a quiet day for a slow cruise, but I’m not like California banning gasoline engines anytime soon! lol

Let me know if you want more info on the mini bike motor (battery powered lawnmower setup) and I may make another short video. This is the same controller I will be using for my indoor bar-hopping barstool build!


  • free lawn mower
  • free 12v batteries
  • PWM controller that accepts hall sensor throttle
  • hall sensor throttle handle with key and voltage meter
  • sprocket
  • a small slab of metal to cut up
  • some bolts
  • some extra lengths of wire
  • no alternator needed

Add a mini bike frame with chain, and Amanda’s your uncle!

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