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DB003 fit right smallest mini bike

Smallest complete mini bike Fit Right DB003

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This is the smallest mini bike that comes COMPLETE on the market today and it’s the fit right DB003 mini bike!

The mini bike can be found on amazon here

This mini bike video review above is showing riding for a kids small mini bike is the fit right 2020 db003 mini bike. The fit right db003 40cc dirt bike is a kids mini bike with a 160 lb rider weight limit. KNOW THE RIDERS ABILITIES!!!

Specs from Amazon website:
Fit Right 2020 DB003 40CC 4-Stroke Kids Dirt Off Road Mini Dirt Bike
Great for driveway and parking lot fun, cruise around cones and speed through sidewalks with ease.
Comes standard with rear disc brake and front tyre 4.10-6, rear tyre 5.00-6, off road tyre .
Fit Right DB003 40CC 4-Stroke Kids Dirt Bike is fully equipped it has a tube steel frame for extra rigid stability.
The kids dirt bike goes up to 18 mph and it has a 40cc 4 stroke motor for lots of power to move a rider up to 160 lbs.
The best part is no hassle of mixing gas and oil since this is a 4 stroke and takes normal gas out of the pump.
Prepare one for your kids, so the excitement and performance experience that smartphones and tablets cannot provide can bring your kids tons of adventure memories.
Motor: 40cc 4-Stroke
EPA Approved
Engine Start: Pull Start
Gas Tank: 0.32 gallon
Cruising Range: 27 miles per tank
Fuel/Oil: #91
Transmission: chain drive
kids dirt bike Size: L=40.55″, W=22.44″, H=21.65″
Recommended Age: 8+
Max Rider Weight:160 lbs
Frame: Steel Tires: front tyre 4.10-6, rear tyre 5.00-6, off road tyre
Brakes: 1 disc front, 1 disc rear
Throttle: Variable twist-grip Seat: Padded (single rider)
Handlebars: Angle Adjustable Not Height
Assembly Required: Yes
Box Size:42*12*25 inches
Box Weight: 53 lbs
Please use under instruction and supervision

DB003 mini bike next to RB100 coleman
DB003 mini bike next to RB100 coleman

It is a tiny mini bike, similar in size to the RCF Micro Mini frame, but comes as a COMPLETE mini bike, nearly fully assembled. The DB003 review here shows a small mini bike similar to the coleman mini bike models cc100x the ct100x the coleman ct100u and I compare the coleman rb100 mini bike in this video. The coleman RB100 mini bike is also know as the RT100 mini bike and I have a few more videos on performance modifications for these mini bikes. If you’re looking for a mini bike for kid to do some riding, this review should help put you on the proper make and model you’re looking for! This is a starter review of the db003 mini bike. I will update description with the link to the thumb throttle as I test! I recommend this modification for all beginner riders out there!