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Go Kart differentials for build

Go Kart Differential

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I put together a go kart differential axle kit from a few different suppliers for a couple small go kart builds I’m doing.

Go Kart differentials for build

You can find go kart differentials for sale at a few places, including small engine parts warehouse, and assemble your own kit with a few modifications to an easy assembly.

The list of go kart differential suppliers is not just in the united states, the 100 series peerless differential is available nearly worldwide as it is used in many commonly use lawn mower parts.

A differential can significantly help your go kart turning for you go kart build. One great tip, however, to help with any go kart steering issues, would be first focus on your FRONT steering geometry. I do have another video that covers basics in my library of uploads!

Whether running a go kart rear axle kit with a live axle, or differential, look to setup your kart for all the right running needs!