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go kart and mini bike nitrous kit

Mini Bike and Go Kart NITROUS OXIDE Kit (NOS)

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go kart and mini bike nitrous kit

How I made a simple, $35 Mini bike and go kart nitrous oxide kit (NOS) for performance gains.

I could feel some gains as I hit the mini bike nitours and go kart nitrous kit button. This little NOS kit slammed the engine with a shot of mini bike nitro action!

I test fuel mixtures to see how I can get the mini bike nitrous kit to work for go kart as well

Test 1 was on a coleman RB100 mini bike. This was a great little mod to get some coleman mini bike performance.

The second test was on a small engine similar to that of the mega moto but I have another video that shows performance mods and top speed.

For the 3rd and fourth test I added a go kart nitrous kit on my zombie apocalypse go kart with a nitrous kit for predator 212 mod.

The predator 212cc nitrous kit on the go kart did show gains once I added the octane booster. I can tell that a small engine nos kit, however, NEEDS to have higher octane fuel in it to get a real boost, however. The little nitrous oxide charges called whippets by some are used for whipped cream charges and are the 8 gram size.

These make for a perfect little go kart nitrous oxide or mini bike nitrous oxide kit!

Also, beware the dangers! You can get pre-detination. Playing around with stuff like this is your risk and know that things CAN blow up when playing with gasoline.