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Predator engine performance build (212 cc)

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Time to LEVEL UP your predator 212 cc non-hemi engine from harbor freight with performance mods! This predator engine performance build uses budget parts and tools. Part links below.

This video details:

  • some less expensive parts
  • why I chose those parts over alternatives
  • a few tips and tricks on a performance build for a 212cc non-hemi harbor freight engine
  • the tools you would need to do a performance build go kart or mini bike riding engine kit

The predator engine performance build used here is a predator 212 which is a 212cc performance engine. This engine build is one of the least expensive builds you can do with your harbor freight engine whether it’s for your race kart or a mini bike. I’m using one of these in my race mini bike, one of these predator 212 performance engines will be used in my racing go kart, and one in my race wheelbarrow. This can be considered a stage 3 engine by many and has no part work done to it. You can pick up this harbor freight engine for pretty cheap and I’ve blown up a couple in testing so it’s nice to grab a new one quickly and near me. This is a 6.5 predator engine and the 212cc to hp rank is 6.5hp out of box. When you upgrade your predator motors to a 212 stage 1 you are opening flow. When you add further 212cc predator engine mods with performance parts, you are opening up to a much more powerful engine! This performance engine build will go on a race kart for oval track dirt track once ready. With the performance carb, most signs I see call this stage 3 build. However, some people call it stage 2, and I even saw one person call this a stage 4 build of which there was only that 1.

Parts used:
Predator non-hemi honda clone Flywheel

Mikuni carb:

Catch can:

Carb air filter:

Predator 3.308 billet rod:

22 lb valve springs:

Mikuni carburetor manifold:

RLV kart muffler:

Pipe Coupling:

Jet kit

Champion 1:1 rockers

Chromoly pushrods

Exhaust: will need to chose yours for your application

Predator performance build mods
Predator performance build mods