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Predator Hemi vs Non-Hemi

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Comparing the Predator hemi vs non hemi, what are the differences in the 212 Predator engines?

It’s got a hemi mini bike shirt:

Predator 212 hemi vs non hemi engines from harbor freight

Both of the predator hemi vs non hemi engines will take the $99 coupon! It can be used on either engine at harbor freight either online or in store!

A quick compare of the Predator 212 hemi versus non hemi harbor freight engine. Dyno HP and Torque numbers, parts availability, part compatibility, intake and exhaust differences. I checked with a few people on horsepower, and flywheel regarding can you put a charging coil on the predator and there will be more results on that soon. Supposedly there is a Kohler engine flywheel that can go onto the hemi crankshaft, but I have not been able to verify it as of yet.