How to Hydro Dip something BIG (and small) with spray paint:

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I’ve hydro dipped many things in my time, and I moved on to really big stuff including a full race kart and a mini bike frame. Above video is a step by step how to hydro dip big things video that covers odd shapes, sizes, and hard to dip materials. It covers how to sand before hydro dipping, paints, primers, adhesion promoter, and more difficult clean up tasks as well as drying and timing. I also cover hydro dipping cost, time and materials needed for a full application big or small!

Things to hydro dip

Check out just the Mini bike hydro dipped in spray paint put to song to see the results here:

Additionally, painting and entire go kart body with water paints can be found here:

Maybe you are looking for companies that do the dipping? Well, if you can’t find one you can do it yourself! You can find some really cool things to hydro dip if you can hydro dip everything and anything!

Don’t hydro dip the cat or a crocodile. It doesn’t go well.

Hope you enjoy the videos and hope you have a great day!