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zombie apocalypse homemade pumpkin catapult kart

Homemade Pumpkin Catapult on a Go Kart!

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Preparing for the zombie apocalypse with a go kart catapult build

Home made GO KART PUMPKIN CATAPULT! How to make a catapult that can take down zombies with pumpkins – a homemade catapult that shoots far into the hearts of the enemy, with fear, and pumkins!!

There has been a severe and frightening lapse in preparation for the Zombie apocalypse and people need help to fight zombies by launching pumpkins at them while driving go karts. I suggest mobile catapults with the white pumpkins as they are harder than the orange pumpkins. I learned this while watching the pumpkin chuker competitions.

homemade zombie catapult
Homemade zombie pumpkin catapult go kart

In an attempt to save the world from a pandemic in 2020 I build the Zombie apocalypse go kart! This catapult equipped zombie vehicle is getting ready to kick some zombie booty in the pandemic for 2021!

Well, do you want to know how to fight zombies then follow along as I get equipped with zombie weapons to fight out this zombie war? You think that the pandemic 2020 was bad?! This isn’t the pandemic 2021 movie of zombieland. This ain’t no video game of call of duty zombies either! This is how you unite a nation against if zombies ate my neighbors. Pumpkin chuckers unite! Pumpkin chukin at zombies, how to build a catapult diy at home! When the all out battle royal starts and the hunter becomes the hunted, you had better run! This sharp shooter however is going pubg zombie style all over these corpses with the zombie go kart, the kart-a-pult!

The home made catapult that travels! This home made catapult is ready for action, tried tested and true! It launches pumpkins and zombie heads while driving fast! Find when duty calls, the TRUE CALL OF DUTY (against the zombie apocalypse) that you’re ready, with a homemade catapult!