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go kart led lights flywheel

ADD LED lights to go karts and mini bikes easily!

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Predator 212 cc engine charging system installation made easy! Color coded!

predator engine 212 charging coil electric start flywheel
predator engine 212 charging coil electric start flywheel

electric start motor kit:
flywheel cooling fan:
voltage regulator/rectifier: LED
projection go kart and mini bike lights:
Coleman flywheel part numbers:
charging flywheel: 27500/168FZ-a coil
cord clamp: 32213/168FZ-a
flywheel cooling fan: 19722/168F-8 (can also get from amazon)

Adding charging system for battery and LED lights for mini bike or go kart

Predator engine charging flywheel swapped led lights on go kart mini bike and more with predator 212 charging coils or electric start. This video will show you how to install a wiring harness for go kart headlights and led lights. You can make this charing system light kit for a mini bike as well, or anything you predator swap an engine in or use a small 212cc engine for. This is a light generator mod wiring diagram based headlight kit. One of the engines is the predator 212 charging system kit installed from amazon purchase and has electric start.

mini bike led lights coil charging system flywheel
mini bike led lights coil charging system flywheel

The other engine magnet flywheel used comes with the coleman mini bike headlight kit on a coleman bt200x, ct200u-ex and can also see a similar charging coils setup and flywheel on the new coleman rb200. The engine does not come with LED lights or a battery chagring system which is where THIS video can help you get rid of LED flicker when LED headlights are installed on a mini bike or go kart, or again, other anything including snow thrower and more! I break this video into two parts: the first has a wiring diagram for any engine to add the wires needed for charging a battery and also shows battery type needed and fuse needed. Then, the second part shows some engine options such as electric start on the tillotson 212, the duramax 212cc, and an extreme sports 212cc engine with charging coils. The non-hemi predator engine used is 212cc with electric start kit for model 69730. I have reference that the HEMI engine might be able to use Kohler electric start flywheel part number 1702530S ??

Although the predator 212cc electric start, charging gear, coils, and flywheel all work in the predator – if you are starting with a NEW engine and looking for a billet flywheel, the billet flywheel does not knowingly exist at this time. A POSSIBLY 10,000 rpm rated tilloston magnet flywheel, however, might exists on the Tillotson 212 with electric start. I’ve asked about bringing this part into the US by itself, but the distributor will need to break news on that one if possible. This install will allow you to get battery powered mini bike led lights and install go kart lights quickly. I hope all the color coding helped out and I hope you have a GREAT day!